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Classroom Mastery program

We work with education systems in the government, Catholic and independent sectors to design whole-school behaviour improvement programs for their system. We give schools the support to simplify implementation in every classroom. This can be aligned to existing religious community or school values to strengthen school culture through modelling the values in every classroom.

In the approach, schools will:

  • Practically apply the latest research in neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology

  • Learn the skills that make the most difference and implement them easily, including ready-to-use-scripts for essentials like classroom entry, cue-to-start and transitions

  • Create consistently productive, safe, inclusive and calm learning environments

  • Improve student wellbeing and create the classrooms they need with belonging, generosity, mastery, and independence

  • Increase safety of classrooms and schools by proactively reducing disruptive behaviours

  • Dramatically improve student learning outcomes through increased engagement.

Talk to us about implementation in your system or school

Discuss your individual context and needs with one of our implementation specialists, who will help you understand more about how the program would work for your school
or schools.

Attend one of our regular online introductory workshops

Attend our regular intro workshops, where an expert coach will introduce the theory and approach, share case studies and stories of impact and answer questions about how the program works.

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