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Instill positive – not punitive – strategies to build belonging, responsibility and generosity
Create calm and ordered classrooms where learning takes priority
Engage students in learning and give them freedom to focus without disruption

Create engaged, positive
and productive classrooms

Australia has some of the most disruptive classrooms in the world. Safe, ordered and positive learning environments are a foundation for learning (PISA, 2019).


Teachers must plan how their classrooms will run and teach this explicitly to their students. Learning is as successful as the culture, expectations, routines and rules taught to and reinforced with students. 

Classroom Mastery has been developed by leading classroom management expert, Dr Tim McDonald, to provide teachers, leaders and schools with the professional learning and resources to:   

Create consistently productive, safe and calm learning environments 

Dramatically improve student learning
outcomes through increased engagement

Improve student wellbeing and create the classrooms they need with belonging, mastery, generosity and responsibility 

Provide your teachers with the knowledge, practice, demonstration and coaching they

need to get the outcomes they desire 

Increase safety of classrooms and schools by proactively reducing disruptive behaviours

Don’t leave teachers in the lurch, give them the skills they need to manage the classroom!

Apply evidence from the science of learning

and the insights of cognitive load theory

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A program based on knowledge, leadership, research and practice

Dr Tim McDonald

Classroom management
expert; author of Classroom Management (Oxford University Press, 2019)

Dr Tim McDonald, Former Executive Director, Catholic Education WA and Associate Professor, Edith Cowan University, wrote Classroom Management to help teachers and schools change behaviour with his Positive Learning Framework (PLF). The PLF incorporates effective instructional strategies that engage students in learning and the skills needed to positively respond to misbehaviour and de-escalate conflict.

Tim has now partnered with program designers Knowledge Society to scale up its impact, and together they have created Classroom Mastery, which is informed by strong evidence bases in the science of learning, humanistic psychology and cognitive science.  

As featured on ABC’s 7.30 report

Knowledge Society was invited to support Rosebud Secondary College to change classroom disruption and student behaviour that was impacting student learning. The changes that have occurred at the school drew national attention. ABC’s Television’s 7.30 program documented the results.

Footage credit: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales.

Classroom Mastery program

Classroom Mastery is a program based on knowledge, leadership, research and practice.
We give schools the support to simplify implementation in every classroom. The program includes fourteen hours of professional learning, including two full days of face-to-face training in a group setting.




Dr Tim McDonald


Tim is a classroom management expert and former K–12 education system director

Sara Wiggins.webp

Sara Wiggins


Sara is a former Deputy Principal with extensive experience in delivering classroom management training and leadership


Nick Worrall


Nick is a highly experienced program manager with 10 years of experience working in schools


Monika Marzec


Monika is a program manager with extensive experience in people and service roles

Build a behaviour strategy that suits your school culture and delivers long-term student success.

School-wide discipline has traditionally focused on reactive and punitive strategies like reprimands, suspensions and expulsions. But these are inadequate. Classroom Mastery focuses on positive approaches, a good classroom culture and flourishing schools.

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